For as long as I can remember I have loved  drawing. When I am in the studio, I am playing with my favorite materials and my favorite tools, an Exacto knife, a handsaw or a pencil, turning ideas and materials into my message. The creative experience, is spiritual and psychological therapy for me. Carmen Herrera,  who became famous as an abstract painter in her late 80’s, and had her first retrospective at the age of 100, says that she paints "because she has to." For more than 60 years she painted important work in obscurity, but she couldn’t stop. I understand this obsession as an artist. I have to make this work, and it has to be the best it can be, both formally and conceptually. This obsession with creativity is what an artist knows in their bones.

I started studying art formally at the age of 18 and was graduated from Memphis College of Art and Design in 1993. Since then I have continued to make art and develop my artistic voice. Throughout the years I have had to fight through personal struggles, and overcome my own fears as an artist. However, art has always been a fair wind for me, pushing me on, sometimes gently, but now and then with greater force, through life and towards my future.  Now I am ready to share my art with people and show them how I see the world. 

Parker G. Palenik - Resume

BORN: New York, 1970



1993 -  BFA Memphis College of Art : Painting and Sculpture


1991 -  Fall Candidate, Alliance of Independent Colleges of Art and Design New York Studio Program

1989 -  Memphis College of Art Merit Scholarship



 Oct 6-Nov. 17th 2017 - Apophenia: new works by Parker G. Palenik, Crain Art GallerySan Marino CA


Create Magazine issue III - April 2017 - New artist work, curated by Bridgette Mayer